General Oregon and Washington bankruptcy information


Bankruptcy Information

State Statutes

The Oregon and Washington state statutes govern many aspects of bankruptcy, collections and consumer law as well as the standards for both foreclosure and garnishment.

Car Valuation

The sites below provide tools for determining the value of your vehicle in both Oregon and Washington.

Redemption Funding for Vehicles

The sites below are operated by redemption lenders. In the event that your vehicle is worth less than what you owe on it, you are entitled to pay off your lender the amount that the vehicle is worth in one lump sum rather than the amount you actually owe on it. Obviously few people can afford to make such a lump sum payment. The lenders below are often willing to refinance your vehicle in your bankruptcy such that you will only owe them what the vehicle is worth. In essence, you leave the bankruptcy with a lower monthly payment. Pacific Bankruptcy does not endorse any particular redemption lender, these sites are provided for informational purposes only: