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    While I never thought I would have to file Bankruptcy, it came to the point where I needed to. Hackett Law Firm walked me through the entire process, which I couldn’t have done on my own. The entire staff was so friendly and helpful throughout the entire process. From my first meeting with him through the end of my bankruptcy, every question I had, they answered. Thank you so much!

    —AARON F.

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    I was so nervous thinking about filing bankruptcy. But after talking to an attorney at Hackett Law Firm, I felt so much better. He walked me through the entire Chapter 7 procedure and answered every question that I had. He made the process seem quick and painless.

    —ANN H

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    You made the Bankruptcy process not near as overwhelming for me as it could have been. Thanks for your hard work and time on my case. I feel like things will be much better for me now and I can get my life back on track.


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    From filing through confirmation, your attorney walked me through what would have otherwise been a confusing and scary procedure. And, he did it with speed, empathy, and humor – making sure my Chapter 13 fulfilled all legal requirements along the way. I now enjoy peace-of-mind and can’t thank him enough.

    —JAMES W.

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    I never thought Bankruptcy would be made so easy. Thank you so much, you made life easier. If there is no way out other than Bankruptcy, you’re the ones I want by my side.


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    I never felt as if I was being pressured into doing the bankruptcy. They let me work at my own pace. Once I was fully committed to the process it was quick and simple. I would recommend these guys to anyone in need.

    —Joe R.

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    I filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy last year and Ryan was very friendly and helpful right from the start. He took the time to listen to me and communicated what needed to be done. It was nice to have his advice and knowledge especially since Ive never been through a bankruptcy process before (and hopefully never again!) He took care of everything so quickly, I was so happy! He made a daunting experience much more bearable indeed!