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Bankruptcy can be a powerful tool to get someone out of debt quickly (chapter 7) or restructure their debt into a manageable payment plan (chapter 13). Our attorneys are experienced handling both types of bankruptcies and are able to go over all of your options with a free initial consultation. We can also explain if there are better, non-bankruptcy options that we see. For best service, please call our office directly to speak with us about your bankruptcy options, or set-up a free bankruptcy consultation.

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Dependable Bankruptcy Attorneys for Portland Oregon

In Northeast Portland our office is conveniently located in the Lloyd District on NE Holladay and NE 7th in the Liberty Centre approximately 2 blocks Southwest of the Lloyd Center mall and right on the NE 7th Max Station. If you are driving, we offer free parking with one hour validation in the Liberty Centre parking garage.

We are determined to provide you with the highest level of customer service available. Our bankruptcy lawyers take client phone calls and appointments five days a week and in the evening hours, ensuring that we are always available to serve you.

Hackett Law Firm offers reasonable flat fees and flexible payment options. We have four convenient locations and always offer a free initial consultation. At the consultation we will quote you a fee estimate for your case and discuss your payment options. Each of our Portland metro locations is conveniently located. Our Beaverton Bankruptcy Law Office, Portland and Vancouver offices all offer free parking. The top priority of our bankruptcy lawyers is to bring you relief from the burden of debt and harassing creditors.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Portland, OR

Generally speaking chapter 7 is the most common form of bankruptcy. When a person files for chapter 7 they are relieved of most debts, including credit cards, medical, auto repossessions and personal loans. Certain debts like student loans, child support, some taxes and government fines are not dischargeable in chapter 7.  In chapter 7 a Trustee is assigned to oversee the case and determine if a person has any assets that are able to be liquidated to repay their debt. Most of the time a person doesn’t have sufficient non-exempt (unprotected) assets for the Trustee to claim and the case will close as a “no asset” chapter 7. Your attorney should be able to quickly advise you on what assets will be protected in your case and which ones may not be.  To qualify for a chapter 7 you will need to pass a means test, which is based on your level of income. Also, you can’t file a chapter 7 bankruptcy if you have filed a prior chapter 7 in the prior 8 years and received a discharge.


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Portland, OR

Chapter 13 is a reorganization type of bankruptcy where a person has a monthly payment that goes to a bankruptcy Trustee. The Trustee’s job in chapter 13 is to collect funds and repay your creditors according to a Chapter 13 Plan.  The Plan is a document that your attorney will propose and goes out to all of your creditors when the case is filed. The chapter 13 plan will state which creditors will be paid, and how much. It may propose to pay back secured debt like a car or home, or surrender secured debt items. Chapter 13 may be a good way to deal with home and car arrearages as well as a person who has tax debts.  To qualify for chapter 7 you will need regular monthly income that is sufficient to support a plan payment.

If you have questions about personal bankruptcy, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 solutions please feel free to call me, Ryan Hackett or contact our law firm office today at (503) 352-3690 (Oregon), or (360) 213-2722 (Washington). Alternatively, we invite you to simply fill out an evaluation form and our office will contact you to discuss your options.